Shail's Nest

Tito (who is Luci’s fan numero uno), would have my hide for saying this. But, since he is away honeymooning, it’s safe for me to say this out loud. Luci is one crazy dog. You want to have proof? Just yesterday morning, she pinned me to the sink and started barking in my ear. That in itself is a crazy act. I mean why would a dog do that to her Momma?

There I was, a peace loving woman, minding her own business, thoroughly engrossed in washing the veggies prior to cutting them, with only feelings of love for all of humanity (and animals) in her heart and thoughts of what to make for lunch in her mind, when all of a sudden Miss Crazy goes into her crazy act. Standing behind me with her paws resting on my shoulder, she leaned her full grown Labradorean weight on poor…

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