Luci’s cat tale

Shail's Nest



So you think kittens are cute, eh? Wait till one of them goes pfft pfft at you. Then you will sing a different tune. The other day when one saw me, it ran right into MY house to hide. I mean, like, really? That too when you have the wild open space to make a getaway?

Hurry up Mom, stop clicking those damn butterflies. Come on, open the door! Don’t waste time by asking the reason why I want to go back in when I have only just got out. Little do you know what’s waiting inside for us. Hurry, hurry, hurry! I said all this in one breath.

Humans! They cannot decipher doggie language. All they hear are bow-wow-wows and woof-woof-woofs. Weird, eh? Well, to be fair, Mom got wind that something was up, and tried to hurry things up, though she was a trifle too slow for my…

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