Luci, the dog

Shail's Nest


That’s Luci (as if you didn’t know already!) and Luci’s story can be said in just six words:

We went. We saw. She conquered.

That had been just a few months short of 3 years ago. From then on the story follows the predictable pattern of conquerors anywhere, of enslaving the conquered and ensuring they ever remain so, well and truly conquered, not that the conquered are complaining any. At least one of them is well and truly happy about it and has the sneaking suspicion that the other has now fully succumbed to the conqueror’s charms.

The first time I left Luci was to go to Kaula Lumpur for 10 days. She gave me a rousing welcome, almost toppling me over. Those days we were staying in a different house and it was not possible for her to see us on our return unless and until we opened the…

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