Luci to the rescue

Shail's Nest


Hello there! I am Luci, not that I need any introduction on Momma’s blog. I am here instead of Mom since I found her sitting quite despondently as she hadn’t written a post for today. I told her not to worry, she could go and rest, that I’d  help her out by copying an old guest-post I had done for a dog pal some time back. Here comes Luci to Mom’s rescue! Read on people.

Woof woof!

Now that I have your attention, let me introduce myself. I am Luci the Labrador. Actually I have serious doubts as to what if anything I have left to write about myself. That’s the problem with having a blogger Mom who is always writing stuff about you on her blog. She has even opened a blog for me where she puts all of the pictures of me she clicks. That’s not all. Nowadays anything I do is broadcast…

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