A Luci tale

Shail's Nest

Luci 2

Whenever it starts to rain, as it often does in God’s own country aka Kerala, I run to the terrace to collect the clothes drying on the line before they can get wet. The urgency of my action transfers itself to Luci, my constant companion, follower, shadow, sticking plaster, call her what you will. The very second I push my chair back, or drop whatever I am doing and rush up the stairs, Luci is close on my heels. Naah, scratch that, ‘she has left me far behind and bounded ahead’ would be more like it.

Even those times when Luci does not know where you are headed, but finds you rushing/running, she speeds up, pushing past you. That’s the time you have to watch out for or else find yourself where a certain Humpty Dumpty found himself soon after he sat on the wall as the nursery rhyme books…

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