Luci and the Treepies

Shail's Nest


This had been a Facebook update posted under the tag #lucitales some months back, but I thought I should share it with my blog-readers too. So here goes:

Two Rufous Treepies are found whispering to each other on the half-wall of the front verandah of my house. A reconstruct of the conversation:

RT 1: You see those thingamabobs in that bowl? I tried one. They are really yum.
RT 2: (horrified) You have been stealing from the Dog! What will the Lady say?!
RT 1: (defensively) If you ask me the Dog is too fat, just like the Lady, and needs a few less of them yummy bites.
RT 2: But stealing is stealing. OMG, what if the Lady got us arrested or something! And she’d never click us in our lifetime again.
RT 1: Ha. You and your theatrics. Quit being a drama queen. A bite…

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