War on Luci

Shail's Nest


It’s official. The birds don’t like Luci and Luci does not like birds. I, on the other hand love both Luci and the birds. Sort of a complicated situation to be in, right?

I first noticed the bird kingdoms’ animosity towards Luci when the crows started hurling curses at her. As soon as she’d be out of the back door and into the backyard, walking around in that officious manner of hers.

Luci’s attitude towards birds (and cats) is something like this: This backyard belongs to me, you hear, you morons?! So does the front yard, the house, its inhabitants and whatever else is inside. And while we are at it, the road that’s in front of the house is also mine.

Luci considers each time of including the airspace above in her list but changes her mind as it would add too much weight to her already *heavy* attitude…

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