The spoilt child

Shail's Nest


My sons tell me I have spoilt Luci rotten. Yeah, unlike them with whom I have been pretty strict parent. Fire-breathing Dragon Mom and all that you know. But with Luci mine has been quite a laid back approach, a puppies-will-be-puppies kind of thing. If she ran amok and broke something I simply picked up the bits with a helpless shrug.

You must remember this is the same person who once warned the human kids for the last time, not to use the dart gun inside the house, and when they went against my orders, broke it in two and threw it away just as I had promised I would do. Yeah, not really proud of it, but that is exactly what I did. I believe in keeping my word. If I said I would break it and throw it, break and throw it I will. Right or wrong, that’s how…

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