Day 7: A Luci tale

Shail's Nest


When dinner is done and I walk upstairs the dog is always in two minds, whether to follow me or stay put with Dad who is still hooked to the telly. I glance at her before taking the stairs. She gives me a typically Labradorean doleful stare. No words are needed when it comes to this evening ritual. The question has been asked and the answer proffered. You go, Mommee. I am going to keep Daddee company.

I walk upstairs on my own and busy myself with brushing my teeth and having my evening bath. When I emerge refreshed, one nose, two-thirds mouth, one and a half eyes, plus one whole ear are found sticking into the bedroom through the almost closed door. I burst out laughing at the comical picture this presents and the dog responds with a wider grin. She continues standing where she is. Only her…

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