Day 21: Returning to Luci

Shail's Nest

1-034All good things must come to an end so that other good things can have a beginning. Holidays are one of those good things which inevitably get over too soon. The fact generally makes people sad. Going back to a mundane, routine existence after an exciting week or two may not actually have everyone jumping around in joy. But I am an exception. Going back home is equally exciting for me as going on a trip. It is something really looked forward to with anticipated joy.

There, awaiting my arrival, is my not-so-little bundle of joy. I can almost see her quivering with ill-concealed happiness on seeing me, hear her volley of welcoming barks, feel her sloppy kisses. She will then nose around inside my bag as I unpack, drooling all over my neatly folded clothes making them wet and soggy, looking for gifts. A bone, a toy, anything.


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