Microblog Mondays: The timely rescue

Shail's Nest


The other day standing out on the balcony I was all of a sudden hit by this overpowering love for my darling Luci. It happens often enough, and when it does I chirp in a singsong voice strictly reserved for her, my canine baby (my human ones are no longer babies and have flown the nest). The lyrics (of the chirping) are a mishmash of sorts of the following:

Olle olle Luci, ooloolompop, populi uli, buskiiiii, luchi muchi, chweetie-pie, achukudu-ammakudu-molukudu, loosi moosi goosi and more on similar lines.

After a couple of ‘songs’ had been ‘sung’, I paused for breath and turning around found a couple walking down the road eyeing me. The stuffed frog look they sported, especially the eyes trying hard not to bulge out of the sockets and failing, revealed all to me: they had heard me and were thinking unkind thoughts. Omg, she’s cuckoo!

Just about then…

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