Luci makes a mountain out of a mole hill

Shail's Nest

057Luci was somewhere in the backyard when I opened the gate and slipped out in hot pursuit of a butterfly. There was a myna foraging in the lush grass that had sprung as if overnight after a week of rain. Then there were the coat buttons, cute flowers to which I am partial and not just because they are favored by butterflies.

As soon as she heard the gate being opened, Luci came bounding. She takes the business of guarding the premises seriously. The teeny-weeniest 133of sounds the gate makes has her rushing posthaste to investigate. It is another matter that I sometimes use this to my advantage, not that I enjoy teasing her, well a little bit may be, but if everything is fair in love and war, why can it not be so when it comes to photo-opportunities? All I have to do is wait and get her in…

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