The style diva returns

Shail's Nest


Once in a while I try my hand at brightening Luci‘s life (or should that have been’my life’?) bymaking improvements in Luci’s wardrobe and bringing to the fore thestyle diva side of her. After all she wears the same costume year in and out.So a little change now and then should liven things up a bit. Or so I think.

It is true that once in a while she takes things into her own hand and tries shedding her fur all over the place in an attempt to look different. I have tried telling her it is of no use. It only results in my having to sweep it all up and offering the lot to birds in the vicinity to line their nests. There’s hardly any improvement in her appearance. So I beg her to let me make some improvements.

And she lets me!

Don’t go by thelong-suffering…

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